Community Development Services (CDS)

Our Community Development Services focus on providing individuals with opportunities to develop skills and promote independence related to community integration with people with disabilities. Services includes transportation to, and from within activities and opportunities for staff to train the individual on various transportation routes in which the individual desires.

Each individual served will have an individualized activity schedule that is based on his/her preferences, interests, and choices that support integration into and access to the community. Individual activity calendar will be updated on a quarterly/ and or on as as-needed basis. All Direct Support Professionals working with the assigned individual/s shall ensure that activity plans are updated and correct based on actual activity.

Some of the activities we offer through our CDS program includes

  • Volunteering with non-profit organizations that supports our mission
  • Travel training
  • Transportation to, from and within activities
  • Personal Care assistance that may be provided in the community
  • Performing paid or an unpaid internship

Activities that promotes integration and inclusion in the community to include identification of employment path.